Hoggicosa bicolor (Hogg, 1905) Two-coloured Wolf Spider

A common, large wolf spider whose female and penultimate male share a striking black and cream colour pattern, but where the adult male is more sombre, in dry woodland to deserts in central Australia encompassing all mainland states and territories. The bold two-coloured appearance is sometimes referred to a 'reverse colour dimorphism' because in other taxa the male is generally more boldly patterned, but in this case it is the female. This species gave rise to the 'bicolor group' coined by McKay, now comprising ten large and robust wolf spiders. ♀ 25mm ♂ 18mm

Composite females, penultimate males, Alice Springs NT

Hoggicosa bicolor
Photo: Bob Read courtesy Ed Nieuwenhuys

Male, Alice Springs NT

Hoggicosa bicolor
Photo: Michael J. Barritt courtesy Ed Nieuwenhuys

Henbury Station, NT

Hoggicosa bicolor
Photo: Robert Whyte


  • Langlands & Framenau, 2010 - Systematic revision of Hoggicosa Roewer, 1960, the Australian 'bicolor' group of wolf spiders (Araneae: Lycosidae)zoj_545 83

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