NICODAMIDAE Red-black spiders

The Nicodamidae, or red and black spiders are a family with 29 species in nine genera found in Australia and New Zealand. They are small to medium-sized spiders found in small sheet webs close to the ground in eucalypt forests. In most cases the cephalothorax and legs are uniformly red and the abdomen black. Eight eyes, small, in two straight rows. The single cheliceral tooth is highly unusual amongst spiders. This family has tentatively been placed in the superfamily Amaurobioidea. The genus Megadictyna has been elevated to have its own family Megadictynidae.

Ref: Harvey, M.S. (1995). The systematics of the spider family Nicodamidae ( Araneae: Amaurobioidea). Invertebrate Taxonomy 9(2):279-386

Dimidamus dimidiatus

Dimidamus dimidiatus (Simon, 1897)
A small to medium red and black spider found in Queensland and NSW, with a red posterior half of the abdomen. The adult female has red patellas of the pedipalps and the legs. Trochanta of all legs and femurs of leg IV are also red. The legs are otherwise mostly black, especially the front legs. The... 

Dimidamus dimidiatus

Dimidamus dimidiatus (Simon, 1897) Small Red and Black Spider
One of the smaller and smoother-bodied Red and Black Spiders ♀ 6mm ♂ 4.5mm from around the Myall Lakes in NSW to Jimna in south east QLD... 

Nicodamus peregrinus

Nicodamus spp. Red-black Spiders
In 1995 Mark Harvey revised the Australian Nicodamids in a major work, finding two very similar known species of Nicodamus, the females... 

Oncodamus decipiens

Oncodamus decipiens Harvey, 1995 Red-black Spider
The two very similar known species of Oncodamus occur in the closed forests of eastern Australia with O. bidens in southern New South... 


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