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This site is a web annex for "A field Guide to the Spiders of Australia" for CSIRO Publishing by Robert Whyte & Greg Anderson, due in 2017. It will be the most comprehensive Australian field guide ever published.

Tetragnatha rubriventris Doleschall, 1857
All eyes are small and widely separated, the rear row narrower than the front row and moderately curved towards the rear. 


Leucauge dromedaria Humped Silver Orb Spider
The Humped Silver Orb Spider ranges from about Maryborough QLD south to Tasmania and New Zealand. 

Leucauge decorata

Leucauge decorata (Walckenaer, 1841)
A medium to large, slender orb weaver with a silver back or upper surface of the abdomen and a striped green underneath of the abdomen 

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Tetragnatha rubriventris

Red-bellied Long-jawed Spider
The species name means red underneath but this is not particularly diagnostic, many are thus endowed and all are variable. 


L. granulata Roughened Silver Orb Spider
This is a northern species, common in NT and north QLS. Essentially it is the northern version of Leucauge dromedaria


Mesida argentiopunctata (Rainbow, 1916) Silver-spotted Mesida
A pretty rainforest species, common all along the Queensland coast in lush vegetation. Not often noticed because of its small size, especially the tiny male, which has mastidions (projecting teeth) on the front face of the chelicerae (jaws). ♀ 5mm ♂ 2mmmm 

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