HEXATHELIDAE Australian funnelwebs

In Hexathelidae, the medically important funnelweb spiders of Australia, there are 31 described Hadronyche spp., eight Paraembolides spp. four Bymainiella spp., two Teranodes spp. and monotyptic genera Plesiothele and Illawarra. The well known Sydney Funnel-web Spider Atrax robustus is considered by some authorities to be world's most dangerous spider. It is one of three Atrax spp.

Atrax robustus

Atrax robustus Sydney O. P.-Cambridge, 1877 Funnel-web Spider
The Sydney funnel-web spider is usually found within a 100 km radius of Sydney, New South Wales, from Newcastle to Nowra and west to Lithgow, in... 


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