NEMESIIDAE Wishbone Spiders

Wishbone spiders are mostly medium-sized mygalomorphs, similar to funnelwebs, but with a golden or silvery look due to fine hairs on the head. They cannot climb smooth vertical surfaces. They have two small spinnerets seen at the rear end of the body, usually pointing up. Their name is derived from their Y shaped shallow burrows, to about 40cm deep, with one arm slightly concealed below the surface of the soil. The Main entrance is lightly covered with silk but has no door. Males have long thin legs and usually have a sp, most species probably in Western Australia. In Queensland's South-east Mottled Eastern Wishbones Namea spp. occur in rainforest. Black Wishbones Anamespp. occur in drier parts of Queensland. The Bearded Wishbone Xamiatus magnificus body length about 6cm, also occurs In Queensland. Wishbone spiders occur in all habitats throughout Australia, including Tasmania, but are rare in far north Queensland.

Aname sp. Neds Corner VIC 3496

Aname sp. Pale Wishbone Spider Neds Corner VIC 3496
A medium to large mygalomorph spider with an open burrow, in drier parts of Australia. The burrow is sometimes raised at the surface and shallow, Y... 

Teyloides bakeri Main 1985

Teyloides bakeri Main 1985 Minnivale trapdoor spider
This winter-active, medium-size mygalomorph from the Mt Lofty Ranges of South Australia may be found under rocks or in burrows of sloping hillsides... 

Xamiatus rubifrons Raven 987

Xamiatus rubifrons Red-jawed Bearded Wishbone Spider
The Red-jawed Bearded Wishbone Spider is a rare species in an uncommon genus. There are five Australian species in the genus Xamiatus erected... 


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