ZOROPSIDAE False Wolf Spiders

Australian Zoropsids are wandering, medium-sized to large spiders similar to Sparassids, Lycosids and Miturgids, but with a cribellum to produce thick silk, more or less equally sized eyes, and apparently not tending to occupy burrows. Instead the egg sacs tend to be attached to the substrate and covered by a tangle of cribellate silk. Until 2005 with the publication by Raven and Stumkat they had not been reported from Australia. The Australian species had been assigned to Miturgidae by Davies. The Zoropsidae as a family was expanded substantially as a consequence of Raven an Stumkat's paper, and include three subfamilies, Zoropsinae, Zorocratinae and Griswoldiinae. The characters upon which the group is based are the tibial crack and anterior abdominal shield in males, the truncate apical cymbium, and the anterior lateral eyes being relatively larger than the anterior median eyes. In Australia the family is represented by about 24 species in the genera Birrana, Huntia, Kilyana, Krukt, Megateg and Uliodon. Kilyana and Birrana are found on the Queensland south east and central coast.

Kilyana sp.

Kilyana hendersoni Raven & Stumkat, 2005 Henderson's Kilyana
A medium to large wandering spider in leaf litter in rainforest around Brisbane and Mount Glorious. Carapace orange brown with darker wedges and a... 


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