ACARINA Ticks & mites

Acarina or Acari are a taxon of arachnids that contains mites and ticks


Anystid mite (ANYSTIDAE) Whirligig Mite
Anystid mites are sometimes called "whirligig mites" for their rapid, spiralling movement. These mites are predatory, and sometimes they'll give you... 


Ixodes holocyclus (Paralysis Tick) Adult
Ticks are external parasites on mammals, birds, and occasionally reptiles and amphibians. Spring and Summer are the tick seasons and bushcare... 

Red Velvet Mite

Trombidiidae Red Velvet Mites
Trombidiidae is a family in the order Acarina. This specimen was photographed in Lamington National Park. Unfortunately we can't put a genus to... 


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