Cavasteron crassicalcar Baehr & Jocque, 2000 Digging Ant Spider

A small to medium-sized night-active spider, yellow brown to sepia with a pale pattern on the abdomen, two spots followed by three chevrons and one contrasting white spot in front of spinnerets. It is found in desert and semi-desert areas of South Australia and WA. Eyes in three rows 2-4-2. Legs formula 4123. The species name refers to the thick (crassus) claw (calcar) on both the male and female pedipalps, possibly useful for digging through the desert surface. ♀ 7mm ♂ 6mm

Male, Hiltaba Station & Gawler Ranges National Park Eyre Hwy Paney SA 5601

Cavasteron crassicalcar
Photos: Barbara Baehr



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