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Davies & Zabka 1989 .pdf, 9.86MB Key to Australian Salticids
Dondale 1966 .pdf, 2.05MB The spider fauna (Araneida) of deciduous orchards in the Australian Capital Territory
Gray 2002 .pdf, 1,001KB GRAY, MICHAEL R., 2002. The taxonomy and distribution of the spider genus Phryganoporus Simon (Araneae: Amaurobioidea: Desidae). Records of the Australian Museum 54(3): 275-292.
Zabka, Marek 2009 Astilodes and Urogelides .pdf, 4.05MB
Zabka, Marek 2000 Sandalodes .pdf, 4.29MB Salticidae (Arachnida : Araneae) of the Oriental, Australian and Pacific regions, XIII: the genus Sandalodes Keyserling Invertebrate Taxonomy, 2000, 14, 695-704
Raven & Wishart 2006 .pdf, 4.71MB
Gray 2002 .pdf, 1,006KB Records of the Australian Museum (2002) Vol. 54: 275-292. ISSN 0067-1975 The Taxonomy and Distribution of the Spider Genus Phryganoporus Simon (Araneae: Amaurobioidea: Desidae) Michael R. Gray
Romancing the known: caught in the allure of the arachnids .pdf, 827KB Wildlife Australia Spring 2011, Vol. 48 No.3
PECKHAMIA 96.1, 1 December 2011, 1―27 .pdf, 18.77MB An illustrated review of the known peacock spiders of the genus Maratus from Australia, with description of a new species (Araneae: Salticidae: Euophryinae) Jürgen C. Otto and David E. Hill
Lycosidae Dingosa Framenau & Baehr 2007 .pdf, 689KB
Pentasteron, Baehr & Jocque 2001 .pdf, 4.03MB
Platnick, 2002 .pdf, 24.90MB A Revision of the Australasian Ground Spiders of the Families Ammoxenidae, Cithaeronidae, Gallieniellidae, and Trochanteriidae
Orsolobidae Hickmanolobus .pdf, 4.73MB
Jocqué, 1991 .pdf, 29.49MB Jocqué, R., 1991a. A generic revision of the spider family Zodariidae (Araneae). Bull. Am. Mus. nat. Hist. 201: 1-160
Oonopidae, Baehr et al, 2011 .pdf, 28.81MB The Goblin Spiders of the New Endemic Australian Genus Cavisternum (Araneae: Oonopidae) BARBARA C. BAEHR, MARK S. HARVEY, AND HELEN M. SMITH
Framenau, 2007, Australian new genus Artoriopsis Zootaxa 1391 .pdf, 1.86MB Revision of the new Australian genus Artoriopsis in a new subfamily of wolf spiders, Artoriinae (Araneae: Lycosidae)
Lopardo et al, 2011 Cladistics 27 (2011) 278-330 .pdf, 2.59MB Morphology to the rescue: molecular data and the signal of morphological characters in combined phylogenetic analyses-a case study from mysmenid spiders (Araneae, Mysmenidae), with comments on the evolution of web architecture
New Archemorus [Arkys] species Balogh 1978 .pdf, 9.17MB Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientarium Hungarieae 24, 1978
Framenau et al 2010 .pdf, 3.76MB Systematics of the Australian orb-weaving spider genus Demadiana with comments on the generic classification of the Arkyinae (Araneae : Araneidae) Volker W. Framenau, Nikolaj Scharff and Mark S. Harvey Invertebrate Systematics, 2010, 24, 139-171
Heimer, 1984 .pdf, 2.22MB Remarks on the Spider Genus Arcys WALCKENAER, 1837, with Description of New Species (Araneae, Mimetidae) With 6 photographs and 26 figures Entomologiscbe Abhandlungen Staatliches Museum Fur Tierkunde In Dresden Band 47 , Ausgegeben: 2. Mai 1984 Nr.9
Displaying items 1-20 of 72

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