Artoriopsis whitehouseae Framenau, 2007 Mary Whitehouse's Wolf Spider Neds Corner VIC 3496

Artoriopsis species have a shield on the upper surface of the abdomen with distinct middle and side bands. They are small to medium-sized wolf spiders, males smaller than females. The abdomen is longer than wide. The generic name combines the two most closely related genera. The pattern on the abdomen of A. whitehouseae is reduced to a single, irregular light band on a dark reddish brown surface, interrupted twice, or nearly so, about half way along the abdomen to form spots or bulges. The cephalothorax is dark reddish-brown with an indistinct radial pattern. There are central and side bands formed by more or less dense white hairs. The specific name honours Mary Whitehouse (CSIRO Narrabri). This specimen is one of very few to be observed outside the cotton crops where the early collections were made by Mary Whitehouse.

Male from above with palps

Artoriopsis whitehouseae
Photo: Barbara Baehr



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